What About the App Metadata Specification?

It may be very essential to make certain that the precise metadata of your utility complies with the precise policies of the utility shop earlier than filing for review.

According to our statistics, whether or not to offer correct metadata content material has grow to be the second one maximum essential aspect in rejected reviews, accounting for 21.80% of the full rejected applications. You can be part of our subject matter to speak about the buy ios app reviews information of App Metadata.

App Metadata Specification

Relevant policies and policies concerning App metadata:

  1. Do now no longer encompass hidden, dormant or unrecorded capabilities withinside the app.
    Whether it’s far for cease customers or the App Review team, all new features, capabilities, and product adjustments withinside the app have to be without a doubt visible.

Provide an in depth description withinside the “Review Notes” segment of App Store Connect (a preferred description will motive the app to be rejected). Do now no longer marketplace content material or offerings that aren’t surely furnished for your app withinside the App Store or offline (inclusive of iOS-primarily based totally virus and malware scanning tools).

  1. To make the in-app purchases objects or subscriptions be without a doubt indicated to customers.
    If your app incorporates in-app purchases, you want to make certain that the description, screenshots, and previews of the app without a doubt suggest whether or not there are decided on objects, levels, and subscriptions that want to be bought separately. And make certain that your app efficiently makes use of the SKPaymentTransactionObserver approach in order that clients can seamlessly whole the acquisition withinside the app.
  2. Screenshots
    Screenshots have to display using the app, now no longer simply the identify cover, login web page or preliminary screen. Screenshots also can encompass textual content and picture descriptions (for example, demonstrating enter mechanisms, inclusive of contact factors or an animation of Apple Pencil), and display prolonged capabilities at the device, inclusive of the contact bar.
  1. Preview
    Preview is a great manner to allow clients apprehend the advent and features of the app. To make certain that clients apprehend the enjoy they may get withinside the app, previews can handiest use the video display screen captured from the app. Stickers and iMessage extensions can display the consumer enjoy withinside the “message” app. You also can upload narration and video, or upload textual content descriptions to assist give an buy app installs explanation for whatever that can’t be clarified with the aid of using video alone.
  2. App Store Category selection
    Please choose the maximum appropriate class for the app, and refer to “App Store Category Definition” while you want assist. If the chosen class is a long way from the real situation, we may also alternate the class of the app.
  3. To solution the age score questions truly.
    Please solution the age score questions truly withinside the App Store Connect to preserve the app and parental manage features consistent. If the app score is incorrect, clients can be amazed once they get the app, or spark off authorities regulators to research accordingly. If the media content material contained withinside the app calls for content material scores or warnings (which include movies, music, games, etc.), you need to observe neighborhood necessities in every vicinity in which the app is sold.
  4. To pick a completely unique app call and specify key phrases that could correctly describe the app.
    Do now no longer attempt to use trademark terms, famous app names, pricing data or different inappropriate terms to bundle any metadata to misinform the system. The app call need to be confined to 30 characters and need to now no longer incorporate prices, phrases, or descriptions that aren’t a part of the app call. The app subtitle is a wonderful vicinity to element the historical past data of the app. The subtitle need to observe our popular metadata regulations and need to now no longer incorporate irrelevant content material, point out different apps, or make unverifiable product claims. Apple may also regulate irrelevant key phrases or take different suitable steps at any time to save you unsuitable use.
  5. To make your Metadata be appropriate for all audiences.
    Metadata must be appropriate for all audiences, so please ensure that the icons, screenshots, and previews of your app and in-app purchases are maintained at a 4+ age score; this must be the case even in case your app has a better score. For example, in case your app is a recreation that carries violence, don`t pick pix that incorporate tragic deaths or goal a gun at a selected character. Only “kids class” apps can use phrases like “appropriate for toddlers” and “appropriate for kids” of their metadata. Please ensure that the metadata together with the app call and icon (small icon, massive icon, Apple Watch app, backup icon, etc.) are just like every different to keep away from confusion.
  6. To make certain you’ve got got the proper to buy app installs apply all of the substances.
    You are accountable for making sure which you have the proper to apply all of the substances withinside the app icon, screenshots, and previews, and show fictitious account data as opposed to actual private data.
  7. To make your app specializes in the iOS, Mac, Apple TV or Apple Watch enjoy.
    Please make certain that your app specializes in the iOS, Mac, Apple TV or Apple Watch enjoy, and does now no longer consist of the names, icons or pix of different cellular structures withinside the app or metadata, except there are unique interactive capabilities which have been approved. Make certain your app metadata specializes in the app itself and its enjoy. Do now no longer consist of inappropriate data, together with however now no longer confined to data approximately Apple or the improvement process.
  1. Complete and publishable state.
    The apps you post to the App Store for reservation need to be in a whole and publishable state. Please ensure that the very last app you post isn’t appreciably specific from the content material marketed for the duration of the pre-order state. If you’re making essential adjustments to the app (which include converting its enterprise model), you need to restart its pre-order sales.
  2. To describe new capabilities and product adjustments in your “new function” text.
    App need to definitely describe new capabilities and product adjustments in its “new function” text. Some easy worm fixes, protection updates, and overall performance enhancements may be defined with the aid of using widespread descriptions, however greater sizable adjustments need to be indexed withinside the remarks.