Maintaining growth, Apple Apple TV+ US market share reaches 6%

According to 9to5Mac, a report earlier this year showed that Apple TV+ is growing slowly, accounting for only 5% of the U.S. streaming platform market share. Three months later, Apple TV+ has captured 6% of the U.S. streaming market, while Netflix is ​​losing subscribers.

Apple Apple TV+

Judging from the JustWatch report, smaller streaming platforms such as Paramount+ (Paramount+), Apple TV+, Hulu (owned by Disney) and Disney+ are quite optimistic about the second quarter of 2022.

Also, while these platforms have grown in recent months, major platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have not seen similar growth. Netflix’s U.S. market share fell 2% last quarter. While the platform remains the most popular with a 21% market share, it has struggled to retain users. Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max have both gained subscribers since January, but both platforms lost some subscribers last month.

IT Home has learned that the current market share of streaming media platforms in the United States is as follows:

Netflix: 21%

Amazon Prime Video: 20%

HBO Max: 15%

Disney+: 14%

Hulu: 10%

Apple TV+: 6%

Paramount+: 4%

Other: 10%