Gaohe Auto responded to the alleged sales fraud: product understanding deviation, and will communicate with users in detail

Yesterday evening, Gaohe Automobile officially issued a statement saying that regarding the user voices recently spread on the Internet involving the description of Gaohe Automobile’s product configuration, although Gaohe Automobile has not yet received the legal documents delivered on the Internet through formal procedures, but its Multi-channel communication has been carried out with relevant users.

HiPhi X

Gaohe Auto said that according to user feedback, there may be different angles of understanding for individual configurations. The relevant configuration descriptions involved on the one hand reflect the cooperation model between the company and partners (such as British Treasure), and on the other hand are also common practices based on automotive product descriptions. This may have caused some users to misunderstand the product. “We apologize for this. We will continue to buy ios reviews communicate and communicate with users in a more detailed and thoughtful manner, and optimize ourselves.”

IT House learned that Gaohe Auto said that it will listen more actively to users’ voices, make communication with users more detailed and comprehensive, avoid the recurrence of the above situation, and give users feedback on relevant matters in a timely manner.

Gaohe Auto Responds

According to Sina Technology, on July 5, some netizens exposed a lawyer’s letter asking for a refund for one and three for the car owner due to fraudulent sales of Gaohe Auto. The letter revealed that, entrusted by 50 car owners, Gaohe Automobile had false publicity and constituted consumer fraud in the process of publicizing and selling HIPHI X cars to the above parties.

The lawyer’s letter shows that in the process of promoting and selling HIPHI X, Gaohe HIPHI X has promoted HIPHI X’s audio on different platforms and media as “Meridian British Treasure Brand Audio” and “British Treasure Audio System”. After the dismantling of Gaohe HIPHI X audio by the client, it was found that the audio configured on Gaohe HIPHI X is not a British treasure, but a domestically produced Shangsheng brand audio. The real price gap is also enormous.

In addition, Gaohe HIPHI X is accused of promoting “semi-aniline interiors”, but only the leather of the seat is semi-aniline leather, and the door panels, central control and other places are artificial leather; when it is sold to the outside world, the battery power is 97 degrees. However, after disassembling the car, the owner found that the power was only 94.3 kWh.